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Our Course

Our Course

Our Course

Learn to be a better trader. With our easy-to-follow chart trading video course, you will learn effective trading strategies that work time and time again, Here’s a quick overview of what we offer.

Our course consists of 3 modules, each containing 15 or more lessons, with each module being more advanced that the last. The lessons are taught as a series of video tutorials that include full explanations and examples. We also include bonus material with examples of signature trading strategies and proper risk management practices.

Veni (Beginner)

This module focuses on teaching the fundamentals of market analysis and chart reading. Whether you are a beginner new to trading or returning to the craft, this is a great course to brush up on your trading 101 skills.

Vidi (Intermediate)

This module teaches our proprietary approach to analyzing charts. This course is for individuals with a solid foundation in the basic principles of price action, reading a chart, and managing trades.

Vici (Advanced)

This is our premier module that builds on the knowledge learned in module 2 by putting into practice tried and true trading strategies and more nuanced price action movement rules.


Members Only

Welcome to the "Members Only" section, an exclusive gateway to real-time insights and in-depth analyses tailored for Team Vici members. These cutting-edge videos not only supplement our core course but also highlight unfolding market setups and strategies.

Kewl Tradez – Archive

Explore the rich archive of Kewl Tradez videos, a treasure trove of insights and strategies that have shaped our current trading system.

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