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This is our premier module that builds on the knowledge learned in module 2 by putting into practice tried and true trading strategies and more nuanced price action movement rules. We highly recommend being proficient in Module 2 before advancing to the Vici module. In this module, you will learn key strategies to help you conquer the market as a chart trader

The Vici lessons cover:

  • Resetting Levels
  • Re-manifestation of Levels
  • Understanding Legs in Legs
  • Leg Hopping
  • High Lost vs Last Lost
  • High Lost Acting as Support once Gained
  • What is Gained and How to Tell
  • Understanding What Was Gained and What Was Lost
  • Shifts in Momentum vs. Shifts in Trend
  • Wiping Levels for a Pop or a Drop
  • Strategies
  • Globex Gained / Globex Lost
  • Playing What Was Gained
  • 30 Second Opening Range
  • The Wing
  • How to Properly Chart Bitcoin, Stock, and S&P 500 Futures