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This module teaches our proprietary approach to analyzing charts. This course is for individuals with a solid foundation in the basic principles of price action, reading a chart, and managing trades. We build on the basics by introducing Vici’s advanced methods, showing you how to predict price action movement and identify the highest probability areas of reaction. This will help you plan your entry and exit with greater precision and confidence, resulting in greater profits. We also cover risk management as a critical component of any trader’s success.

The Vidi lessons cover:

  • Progression
  • Swing Pivots
  • Legz – What Are They & How to Define One
  • Market Profile – Time Price Opportunity (TPO)
  • Putting All the Time Frames Together
  • Levels for Entry vs Holding the Trade
  • How Candles React off of Levels – Bodies vs Wicks
  • Tested vs Untested Levels
  • Intra-Tested Levels- What is it?
  • How to Trade the Levels & Take the Profits
  • Playing a Significant Level After a Test
  • Trade the Failure
  • Risk Management
  • Defining Invalidation
  • Risk per Time Frame
  • How to play High Time Frame Levels with Precision